3 Tips to Save Money Shopping Online

posted on: 13.09.2023


Picture this: You are scrolling through your favorite online store, and it is just one click away from 'adding to cart.' Your heart races as you are about to treat yourself with some retail therapy, but wait, before you go broke, here are three tips to help you “Shop Smart, Not Hard”  and save a bunch.

1. Use Specialized Price Drop Notification

Why buy at the original price when you can wait a little and get the product with the sales? Online shops have discounts very often and in order not to miss any deals you may use certain tools for getting discount notifications. Most of the time you are notified about the discount too late and at that moment the product is already gone out of stock.

Bidygo Price Drop feature is the best solution to this. Here you may specify the percentage of your desired sale on the product and get rid of any irrelevant notifications about each single penny discount. In this case you get acknowledged about the price drop immediately.

Don't miss out on great deals anymore. Try Bidygo's Price Drop feature today and start saving on your favorite products!

2. ALWAYS Compare Prices

The most important tip and the advantage of online shopping is comparison. There are endless stores and each of them has a variety of products. Before clicking the 'buy now' button, take a moment to search the product name on Google. A huge list of websites and online stores will appear on your screen suggesting the same product or similar one. While visiting them you will find the best option for you.

Moreover, for saving your time make it easier with the Bidygo Alternative Search feature. The shopping app will immediately bring a huge variety of stores that have the exact match. You do not need to click on every link to get the price information. It is very user-friendly and smoothly provides you with all the relevant information you need without any visual interruptions from jumping from one tab to another. The section covers prices with a specific order, starting from low to higher prices, delivery rates, and product ratings.

Just try comparing prices of the products before buying and you will see the huge differences that you will have on your bank account at the end of the month.

3. Check The Price History Before Buying

Most of the stores have their own pricing strategies, which are pretty unpredictable for usual customers. It is highly recommended to check the price history to make sure you are having the best deal possible and you will not feel like a loser the other day when the price drops.

Usually online stores are playing with the prices and they may fluctuate by almost 10 to 20% in some cases even more. We are used to seeing discounted prices in the stores, however, they never show the cases where they are increasing the prices.

Try Bidygo Price History to prevent confusion in grabbing the best possible deal. By analyzing the price history you may easily determine the best period with the best sale price for obtaining the desired piece.

Remember to always compare prices to ensure you're getting the best deal possible. Don't forget to check the price history for those unpredictable pricing strategies and fluctuations that can catch you off guard.

By following these tips, you'll not only save money but also transform your online shopping experience. Your wallet will thank you, and you'll no longer wonder how much money you've been needlessly squandering. So go ahead, shop smarter, and enjoy a more budget-friendly and fulfilling shopping life. Happy shopping!